Tutorial Introduction

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce through play the following components of Redbeard:

  1. Rounded Corners
  2. Borders on specific edges
  3. Pill corners
  4. Form events

With Redbeard it's very simple to add rounded corners on all or specific corners for any UIView. You can also apply borders on all or specific sides of a view too.


Creative use of rounded corners is one of the most commonly used methods to in creating quality user interfaces. Coupled with pill corners and specific borders you'll be able to put together some amazing UI's in no time!

Rounding the top left and right corners of a UIView:

view.cornerRadius = 10;
view.corners = UIRectCornerTopLeft | UIRectCornerTopRight; // Setting 

Adding a border to the top and bottom only:

view.borderWidth = 4;
view.borderEdges = UIRectEdgeTop | UIRectEdgeBottom;

Lastly if would like to achieve the classic pill button look, simply do the following:

view.pillCorners = YES;

Source Code

The source code contains comments and demonstrates applying rounded corners and edges to views. It also shows you how to use RBEnum's and more form events. You will need to add in the Redbeard Framework to the project after downloading.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have Redbeard >= v1.01 You may download the latest version via the existing link emailed out to you Download Source Code