Redbeard Theme Reference V1.0



To specify a color, you can use a hex colour code (#RRGGBBAA, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha channels respectively) or a constant reference (ref://color-foreground) to a file defined elsewhere.

When specifying a color in Redbeard, it is always possible to provide an alpha channel. If you opt not to give an alpha channel, it is assumed to be opaque.

Here are some examples:

  • #FFFFFF or #FFFFFFFF - Solid white.
  • #FF0000 or #FF0000FF - Solid red.
  • #00FF00EE - Slightly translucent green.
  • #00FF0044 - Very translucent green.
  • ref://color-foreground - A color reference defined elsewhere.
  • ref://standard-accent-color - A color reference defined elsewhere.