Serializes and deserializes glyph reference strings.


The name of the glyph image.
public imageName NSString? { get set }

The reference name of the color to use for the glyph.
public colorReferenceName NSString? { get set }

The hexadecimal RGB/RGBA color code to use for the glyph.
public colorHexCode NSString? { get set }

The desired height of the glyph in pt, or nil to preserve the original size.
public desiredHeight NSNumber? { get set }

The glyph reference string that describes the contents of this object.
public referenceString NSString { get }

Whether or not the color is a reference name.
public colorIsReference Bool { get }

Whether or not this glyph reference is valid.
public isValid Bool { get }


Parses the given glyph reference string, extracting the components found into the properties of the receiver.
@param referenceString : The glyph reference string to parse.
@param error : A pointer to an NSError object that is assigned in the event of an error.
- (void)parseReferenceString:(nonnull NSString *)referenceString error:(NSError * _Nullable * _Nullable)error;

Determines whether or not the given value is a valid glyph reference string. Also checks the object type of value and ignores non-strings.
@param value : The value to check.
@returns Whether or not the value is a valid glyph reference string.
+ (BOOL)valueIsReferenceString:(nonnull id)value;