A view that provides granular rating stars (or another image).


A delegate to receive selection events.
public weak delegate RBRatingViewDelegate? { get set }

The orientation of the stars layout. Default = RBOrientationHorizontal.
public orientation RBOrientation { get set }

Gets or sets the current rating. Decimals allowed.
public rating Float { get set }

Gets or sets the maximum rating. Default = 5. Must be > 0.
public maximumRating int { get set }

The image for the filled state.
public filledImage UIImage? { get set }

The image for the unfilled state.
public unfilledImage UIImage? { get set }

The spacing to use between each image. Default = 0.
public spaceBetweenImages CGFloat { get set }

Whether or not the rating field is currently enabled and will accept user interaction. Default = YES.
public enabled Bool { get set }

Whether or not zero selection is allowed. Default = NO.
public zeroSelection Bool { get set }