A presentation context, containing the settings and state data for a presentation.


A delegate that is issued dismissal requests from the context.
public weak delegate RBPresentationContextDelegate? { get set }

The RBPresentationAnimator object that is responsible for presentation and dismissal transitions.
public animator RBPresentationAnimator? { get }

The current state of the presentation context.
public state RBPresentationState { get }

The UIViewController being presented.
public viewController UIViewController { get }

The presenting UIViewController in which the presentation occurs.
public containerViewController UIViewController { get }

Whether or not the presentation requires that the UI orientation is locked.
public doesRequireOrientationLock Bool { get }

Logistical presentation data storage.
public data NSDictionary? { get }


Creates a new presentation context.
@param viewController : The UIViewController to present.
@param containerViewController : The containing UIViewController to present within.
@param layoutBlock : The block that is called to determine the frame to position the presented view controller in.
@param animator : The RBPresentationAnimator object to use in transitions.
@returns The configured presentation context.
- (nonnull instancetype)initWithView:(nonnull UIViewController *)viewController