An image selection field.


A delegate to receive image selection field events.
public weak delegate RBImageSelectionViewDelegate? { get set }

The size of image item cells. Default = 150, 150.
public itemSize CGSize { get set }

The sizing moode of items. Default = RBImageSelectionViewItemSizeModeSize.
public itemSizeMode RBImageSelectionViewItemSizeMode { get set }

Whether or not selection is allowed. Setting this to NO is useful if you just want to display a set of images. Default = YES.
public allowsSelection Bool { get set }

Whether or not multiple selection is allowed. Default = NO.
public allowsMultipleSelection Bool { get set }

Whether or not zero selection is allowed. Default = YES.
public zeroSelectionAllowed Bool { get set }

An optional image that should be displayed if a failure occurs loading images.
public failureImage UIImage? { get set }

The content mode of the failure image.
public failureImageContentMode UIViewContentMode { get set }

The optional image overlay when selected.
public selectedOverlayImage UIImage? { get set }

The content mode of the selected overlay image.
public selectedOverlayImageContentMode UIViewContentMode { get set }

The default image to be used when an image is being downloaded.
public loadingImage UIImage? { get set }

The content mode of the loading image.
public loadingImageContentMode UIViewContentMode { get set }

Whether or not paging is enabled. When set this will reset the current scroll location. This means the underlying scroll view stops on multiples of the scroll view’s bounds. Default = NO.
public pagingEnabled Bool { get set }

The current page when pagingEnabled is set to YES. Value < 0 when paging is not enabled or there are no pages. Default = -1 (no paging enabled or no pages).
public currentPageIndex int { get }

Whether or not to show vertical scroll indicators. Default = YES.
public showsVerticalScrollIndicator Bool { get set }

Whether or not to show horizontal scroll indicators. Default = YES.
public showsHorizontalScrollIndicator Bool { get set }

An array of RBImageSelectionViewItem objects.
public items [RBImageSelectionViewItem]? { get set }

The selected items by index.
public selectedIndexes [NSNumber]? { get }

The layout positioner used. You may theme this positioner. Default values = spacing = 10, dimensions = 1, margin = [0, 0, 0, 0], orientation = RBOrientationHorizontal, sizing = RBGridPositionerSizeToSize.
public positioner RBGridPositioner { get }


Updates the selection state of the image at the given index.
@param selected : Whether or not the image item should be selected.
@param index : The index of the image item to update the selection state of.
- (void)setSelected:(BOOL)selected at:(NSInteger)index;