Encapsulates fields (those conforming to FormField) for use with forms.


An optional label string to be displayed above the item in the form. Will not be displayed if nil.
public var label String? { get set }

If the label is present this indicates that it should be displayed before the field view in the view heirarchy. Default = true
public var labelBeforeField Bool { get set }

Theme values to apply to the labelView after any other prior theming has been applied.
public var labelThemeOverrides [String : Any]? { get set }

The RBLabel that represents the attached label. Only applicable and used if the label property is not nil. The themeing for this will follow the naming convention fieldLabel_XYZ where XYZ is the specific, default or group theme identifier as appropriate.
public var labelView RBLabel? { get }

The initial value for the field.
public var initialValue Any? { get set }

An array of RBFormValidationRuleSchema objects.
public var validationRules [RBFormValidationRuleSchema]? { get set }


public class func field<T : UIView>(_ type: T.Type, completion: ((_ fieldSchema: RBFormFieldSchema, _ view: T) -> Void)) -> RBFormFieldSchema

public class func field<T : UIView>(_ type: T.Type) -> RBFormFieldSchema