Contains a child view, providing margin and sizing functionality.


The child view.
public child UIView { get set }

The margin to apply around the child view.
public margin UIEdgeInsets { get set }

The mode in which to layout the child view. Default = RBContainerViewModeFit.
public mode RBContainerViewMode { get set }

The minimum size that the container view will request. Default = CGSizeEmpty.
public minimumSize CGSize { get set }

The maximum size that the container view will request. Default = CGSizeMax.
public maximumSize CGSize { get set }

Whether or not the given aspect ratio should be enforced in sizing.
public enforceAspectRatio Bool { get set }

The desired aspect ratio.
public aspectRatio CGFloat { get set }


Initializes a new container view object.
@param childView : The child view.
@returns The initialized object.
- (nonnull instancetype)initWithChild:(nonnull UIView *)childView;