A simple cell that provides a label and image much like a button. Used by RBMultipleChoiceView and RBMenuView.


The label.
public var titleLabel RBLabel { get }

The image.
public var imageView RBImageView { get }

Whether or not the image and title should be vertically or horizontally arranged. Default = RBOrientationHorizontal.
public var orientation RBOrientation { get set }

Whether or not the title should be before the image. Default = NO.
public var titleFirst Bool { get set }

The spacing to use between the label and the image. This has the effect of increasing the size of the button in the direction set via the orientation property. Default = 0.
public var spacing CGFloat { get set }

The image to on the imageView.
public var image UIImage { get set }

The title to set on the titleLabel.
public var title String { get set }


public func layout()