A UIButton with additional appearance options.


The minimum size of the area from the center of the button that will accept touches.
public minimumSelectionAreaSizeFromCenter CGSize { get set }

Whether or not the image and title should be vertically or horizontally arranged. Default = RBOrientationHorizontal.
public orientation RBOrientation { get set }

Whether or not the title should be before the image. Default = NO.
public titleFirst Bool { get set }

The spacing to use between the label and the image. This has the effect of increasing the size of the button in the direction set via the orientation property. Default = 0.
public spacing CGFloat { get set }


Apply the title for UIControlStateNormal.
@param title : The title of the button.
- (void)applyTitle:(NSString *)title;

Apply the image for UIControlStateNormal.
@param image : The image of the button.
- (void)applyImage:(UIImage *)image;