An extend view that displays an image banner that grows when dragged.


The amount of the banner to reveal when it is in the closed state. Default = 0.3.
public var insetRatio CGFloat { get }

The direction of the effect. For example if this is true they banner image will go from normal > blurred. If NO the reverse will occur. Default = true.
public var effectDirectionOpenToClose Bool { get set }

The effect for the banner. Default = RBBannerExtendViewEffectBlur.
public var effect RBBannerExtendViewEffect { get set }

The banner image.
public var bannerImage UIImage? { get set }

The banner image content mode. Defauilt
public var bannerImageContentMode UIViewContentMode { get set }

The image to use to use for the pull to refresh indicator. Default = arrow-down glyph in dark gray at size 32.
public var pullIndicatorImage UIImage? { get set }

The animator to use when animating the pullIndicatorImage. Default = RBAnimator.defaultSpring().
public var pullIndicatorAnimator RBAnimator { get set }

The style of the refresh indicator. Default = UIActivityIndicatorViewStyleWhite.
public var refreshIndicatorViewStyle UIActivityIndicatorViewStyle { get set }

Whether or not to allow the extend view to be set to the opened state. In effect allow pull to refresh functionality. Default = true. If you would just like a banner set this to false.
public var allowOpening Bool { get set }


For subclasses implement this method to modify the banners UI. This is called automatically on changes. All changes and updates should occur here rather than in layoutSubviews.
open func performLayout()