Top notch code

Each app has been handcrafted
by our awesome team

Ton of comments

Code documentation added throughout to
help you decode what's going on :)


App source code in the latest
Swift. Clean and Simple.

Want The Full Source

The source is available in Swift. Download the code right away. See Simple Terms below.

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Save A Ton Of Time

Start tinkering with your own app in minutes. Save yourself weeks of development effort. Let us jump start your next project!!

User Experience

We've designed and developed a beautifully simple and clear interface to help your enjoy your Parrot drone like never before.

Great UI

The App looks super slick and would immediately be applicable to many drone type projects.

Wireless Communication

Hook up your Parrot Drone via Bluetooth and have seamless communication.

Key Features

Free updates available regularly for
the next 12 months.

Email support to help with any issues
and provide a smooth process.

A team dedicated to helping developers across
the entire iOS App development lifecycle.

Built with our very own
Redbeard Native iOS Framework.

A great way to learn iOS App development
in Objective C or Swift.

Download a neatly organized XCode project
handcrafted by our awesome team

Built As A Universal App For Both iPhone and iPad

And Across Orientations

The RB Parrot app has been designed with the Redbeard Layout Engine and so works across device sizes as well as orientations. Customize how you want the app to look for each device from a simple theme file.

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The source is available in Swift. Download the code right away. See Simple Terms below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I release my own apps with these?

Of course. You have access to the complete source code so feel free to tweak and release your apps when you're ready.

What will I get if I purchase this?

You'll get an XCode project with the source code of the App described above.

Does this come with backend code?

No. There's no extra code needed. It connects directly with your existing Parrot Drone hardware.

I don't have a Parrot Drone. Where do I get one?

Check the Parrot website to see the best places for purchasing the drone hardware.

Will you be updating the App source code?

Yes of course! We'll continue to update the Apps and you get updates Free for the next 12 months. We try to release an update every 2 weeks.

Where can I find my purchase?

After successful purchase you'll find the downloadable source code in your 'My Account' section. You'll have the ability to re-download at anytime.

Simple Terms

Single License

The single license allows you to use the app source code with one project, either for yourself or on behalf of a client.

Within an organisation, you can have multiple developers working with the same code but you can only publish an app to the App Store as a single project, i.e. you’re launching the next Facebook, you use our app source code. You then decide to create a Messaging App using our code? At this stage come and purchase a new license, (You’re Facebook, you can afford it!). It helps us pay the bills 😉

What do you mean by item and end product?

The item is what you purchase from the Redbeard Code Store. The end product is what you build with that item.

Am I allowed to modify the item that I purchased?

Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product.

What does non-exclusive mean?

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the item. Others are also licensing and using the same item.

Can I re-distribute the app projects?

No. You can't license items and then make them available to others 'as-is' (that is, as a stand-alone item or as stock), regardless of which license you purchase.

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