Our Story

Redbeard is founded by Ansar Mehmood and Zahid Younis both of whom have over 10 years commercial experience within the mobile sector. Our team is made up of extremely talented individuals who have helped the UK's largest brands bring their Apps to market and are immensely proud of the work they do.

The Redbeard Framework came about largely for our own needs when developing apps for our clients. One of the frustrations we'd had when developing iOS apps over the years was having to write the same boiler plate code over and over or then using (some great) components from multiple developers where there'd be no consistency in development styles. Redbeard is a product that we've been working on tirelessly for the past almost 3 years. As iOS developers ourselves we know the pain involved in trying to get an App out to market. Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love the iOS SDK, but we think there's some areas that could do with some help and improvement for making our lives easier.

Our Vision

To develop tools and services that help our customers across the entire app development lifecylce.


Setup a landing page and start collecting emails of users interested in your product within 30 minutes.



Create interactive prototypes without any code. Upload your designs and have a browsable prototype ready in minutes.

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Reduce time to market for your App by upto 90% using our free Native iOS app development framework and Code Store of ready made end to end apps.

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A collection of utilities created by the Redbeard team to help you with post launch ASO, Analytics, Image management and more.


The Founders

Ansar Mehmood

Co-Founder & CEO.

Zahid Younis

Co-Founder & CTO.

Redbeard Timeline

Some of the key moments so far.

Full launch of Hunch

Full launch of our SaaS prototyping tool. Hugely expanded feature set allowing users to collaborate on their prototypes.

Beta release of Hunch

Our MVP beta release of a simple to use protoyping tool. More than 250 signups on the first day!

Redbeard goes LIVE!

After a mammoth effort from the team Redbeard is now Live.

Redbeard Services setup as a Ltd company

Redbeard was now mature enough to have a home of it's own. We've got in touch with her Majesty's Government and made it all official!

We start Beta testing

We decide it's time we let other developers make use of Redbeard. We release a closed Beta and are featured on BETALIST where we get more than 200 signups.

Redbeard framework used on first client project

The framework became a very useful in-house resource allowing us to build high quality apps with drastically reduced development times.

Redbeard starts as an internal project

After developing dozens of Mobile Apps for many of the UK's largest companies we realise we're having to face the same technical challenges over and over. We formalise Redbeard into a project at our services company Rounded Labs. At this stage Redbeard consists of a basic set of our most commonly used components and helpers.