Getting Started


  • XCode 7.3
  • iOS application target >= 8.0
  • Please note Redbeard.Framework makes use of the following libraries libsqlite3.tbd, libxml2.tbd, libz.tbd.


  1. In your Xcode project' s 'General' settings drag Redbeard.framework into the 'Embedded Binaries' section. Please ensure Copy items if needed is selected before adding the framework and clicking Finish. Screenshot
  2. If you have a unit test project add the parent path to the Redbeard.framework into 'Build Settings' > 'Framework Search Paths' section.
  3. Add a new 'Run Script Phase' in your applications target's 'Build Phases' and paste the following snippet in the script text field: bash "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${FRAMEWORKS_FOLDER_PATH}/Redbeard.framework/" This step is required to work around an App Store submission bug when archiving universal binaries. Screenshot
  4. Import Redbeard into your source code files as required:
    • Objective-C: #import <Redbeard/Redbeard.h>
    • Swift: import Redbeard
  5. Enjoy.

Adding the default theme

  1. Unzip and drag in the resulting folder default into your project ensuring Copy items if needed is selected before clicking Finish. Screenshot
  2. Add a new file to the project named Which is the root theme file. We will include the reference to the default themes include file from here.

Please add the following code into the file:



The default theme has now been added you may modify colors, fonts and features by editing the theme files. Note you may provide a theme for your application targetting specific devices (iPhone/iPad), versions of iOS and languages. Please see theme reference

What next

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