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App source code available as both Objective-C
or Swift. Take your pick.

Taskeedo is now 80% Off! Download source for a complete Task Management App. Check it out below.

Taskeedo - Task Management App
NOW $9.99

Beautiful UI

An elegantly designed Todo App with a brilliant user experience. Great gestures and animations

Fully Working

A complete end-to-end App

Priority Tags

Give tasks a priority based on colors.

80% Off

Limited time offer. Just head on over and download the complete source code for a full app made with Redbeard.


Organise tasks into tasklists

iPhone and iPad

Works across devices and orientations.

RBnB - an AirBnB inspired clone
NOW $50

Extensive Source

A very large codebase condensed into neatly arranged components so it's easy to follow the structure.


Hooked up directly to the (Unofficial) AirBnB API so you get an idea of how this would be done in the real world.

Learn By Example

A large scale App like RBnB is the perfect example to take your development skills to the next level.

Beautiful Icons

Comes complete with a set of the amazing Line icons.

Screen Transitions

Matching the flow of the AirBnB iOS App.

Responsive UI

Works in portrait and landscape as well as across iPhone and iPad. The power of Redbeard hey!

RBeets - An Awesome Twitter Client

Beautiful UI

Well we've always loved the Twitter UI and it's overall User Experience.

Fully Working

A complete end-to-end App with all the features you'd expect from a Twitter client.

Twitter API

Works with the Twitter developer API so it's ready to go.


As always, it works across orientations as well as across iPhone and iPad.

Coming Soon - February 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I release my own apps with these?

Of course. You have access to the complete source code so feel free to tweak and release your apps when you're ready.

What does a single license mean?

With a single license you can develop and release one project you're currently working on (Personal or Commercial). If you'd like to use the codebase for another project then please purchase another license.

How do I download my purchased source code?

Once you've registered and made the purchase you can download the code at anytime from the 'Account' section.

What payment method do you support?

We currently accept card payments via our payment provider Stripe.

Special launch week offer. 80% Off! Taskeedo source code.